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Your One Stop Shop

Whether you are coming to record a track, work on a demo, or perhaps create and edit a video, DT Creatives is here to offer you the solution. Our studio is fully equipped with the latest technologies and operated by professional, friendly and helpful staff. Feel free to check out our Studio Packages and Additional Studio Services pages to find out what works best for you.



An Experience Second to None

The DT Recording Studio is fully equipped with advanced audio and video technology, as well as professional music instruments and sound equipment. Our DT Creative Team boasts of over 40 years of combined experience in audio recording/production, video editing, music composition and arrangement, songwriting, script/news writing and editing, voiceovers, radio announcing and corporate narration.


Our capabilities cross over into DT Talent Management where we provide excellent artists for your events, shows, acts.  We audition artists to become part of our exclusive DT Family of Artists.  Artistic abilities include singers, lounge acts, bands, voicever talents, DJs, etc. We go a step further for our singers who record original songs that match their styles!  Our artists are coached to develop into the consummate professionals they aspire to be.  When ready, all DT Artists are promoted and marketed on all available media to get exposure.  Our online DT Radio is one such exciting avenue for all our Artists!


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